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In the latest edition of her program, Magaly Medina said that sheikhs are usually married and have three wives. Furthermore, she asked Rosángela Espinoza be careful with this type of suitors.

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“She (for Rosángela) has proved us right. What did we say? Who is going to go to Dubai as if it were Lima – Chincha? Now she also says that she was invited by a sheikh (…) by the way, those sheikhs are Muslims and in Qatar, each sheikh is married and has three wives, not counting the lovers or the little friends ”, Medina commented.

He then continued with:“Rosángela studied, posted her degree and surely thought that she will not find a job in what she does and in what she has studied. She then she decided that it is easier to find a rich husband ”,

MAIL|  Magaly Medina reveals that Rosángela Espinoza's oil sheikh would have three wives

Rosángela Espinoza reveals that she is dating a millionaire sheikh: “He controls all the oil in Qatar”

Rosángela Espinoza is about to complete a month in Qatar and affirmed that this trip is the product of her savings from her work in front of the screens. However, her followers speculated that she would have a new partner accompanying her. Through social networks, the ex-chica reality revealed what her new suitor is like.

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On her official Instagram account, the popular ‘Selfie Girl’ told her followers how excited she is to be living together in Qatar for several days. In addition, she told how her new suitor is, whom she met a few days ago.

He says that he likes me a lot, he likes me the way I am, he knows about me, obviously because he has seen my social networks. He has an energy company, he controls all the gas, the oil in Qatar, forget it”, Rosangela said.

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