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On her ATV show, Magaly Medina revealed that new information has reached him about Javier Carmona when he was in a coma. It is worth mentioning that Tula Rodríguez acknowledged that she sent her sick husband to a health center “where he was taken care of in a spectacular way”but when the pandemic arrived they decided to take him home.

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“We had it at my house, where I took 100% responsibility for the man I loved, I watched over him alone 24 hours a day. I hired a person to live in my house and help me take care of him. I took all of this on my own.”, Tula Rodriguez said.

Magaly Medina responds to Tula

The TV host attacked Tula, telling her that it was her obligation to take care of Javier Carmona and, in addition, that she had new information about him when he was in a coma.

“It was your duty to take care of that man who walked you down the aisle! whom you were married to, it was your obligation to take care of him when he was sick in that comatose state for two years”, Magaly Medina commented.

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He then continued with: “It was his obligation, we are not going to dig any further into that because if we dig a little… and that there is new information on this matter that has reached us, but I think that at this point it is not the case to spread it.”