Magaly Medina after Korina’s triumph in Queens of the show: “You didn’t need to be a witch”

Queens of the show came to an end and Korina Rivadeneira was named as the winner of the contest show, generating lots of comments on social media. The victory was commented on in different show programs.

After the victory of the Venezuelan, Magaly medina He did not stay behind and spoke out on the fact. The host used her social networks to remember the time she predicted that Mario Hart’s wife would be the winner of the show hosted by Gisela Valcárcel.

The television figure uploaded the news of the newspaper El Popular recalling his prediction in one of the stories of his account Instagram and he left a strong message, true to his style. “You didn’t need to be a witch or have a crystal ball,” said Magaly Medina.

Magaly Medina spoke about Gisela Valcárcel’s program.

Korina Rivadeneira assured that she deserved to win Queens of the show

After receiving the crown that identifies her as the winner of Queens of the show, Korina Rivadeneira stopped her celebration to give her first impressions. The Venezuelan model assured that she deserves this victory for all the effort made during the season.

Korina rivadeneira

“I swear to God that, with all the avalanche of comments that there was, I do not know why I felt that they were not going to give it to me. I feel super good, because I feel like I really deserve it. I have fought it, from the first season until now ”, indicated Rivadeneira.

Magaly Medina and Alfredo Zambrano spend tender moments in the field

After a hectic week that closed with a criticized interview with Magaly Solier, Magaly Medina decided to escape for the weekend to enjoy a moment of relaxation with her husband, Alfredo Zambrano.

Magaly Medina and Alfredo Zambrano

The host herself showed images and videos through her Instagram account where she can be appreciated having fun in the best way next to her loved one.

Magaly Medina receives harsh criticism after interviewing Magaly Solier

The national actress has been going through a difficult personal moment after losing custody of two of her children after being accused of physical and psychological abuse. Despite this, Magaly Solier was present in the Magaly Medina program to respond to these complaints against her.

Magaly Solier denies being an alcoholic and assured that she did not mistreat her children.

However, the conversation held by both led hundreds of users to harshly criticize the driver for exposing her interviewee in a worrying state. Even at the end of the conversation, “La magraca” recommended that she seek professional help to overcome this moment.

Korina Rivadeneira received an emotional surprise from her mother after winning Queens of the show

The Venezuelan was consecrated this last Saturday in the great final of Reinas of the show, thus conforming her favoritism within the program. However, Korina Rivadeneira never expected that during her celebration with the rest of her team and dancers, she would receive a dramatic surprise.

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Great was the amazement of the dancer when her mother, who lives in Venezuela, stood in front of her to congratulate her on her achievement. Therefore, Mario Hart’s wife decided to share this emotional moment with her thousands of followers on Instagram.

What did Korina Rivadeneira say after winning Queens of the show?

Korina Rivadeneira became the winner of the show’s Queens and could not help but be excited to receive the crown and the title of best dancer from Gisela Valcárcel. In her speech as the winner, the model highlighted the effort and perseverance she had every week.

“Every effort deserves a reward. I have been fighting her for two seasons, tears, injuries, a lot of strength, a lot of love, a lot of passion. Dreams come true, thank you ”, he expressed during the end of the program.

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Korina Rivadeneira revealed that she did not think to win Queens of the show

After her commented victory in Queens of the show, Korina Rivadeneira spoke about her experience in the show and the strong competition she had week after week. The Venezuelan model indicated in America today that she was afraid to see Milena Zárate’s performance in the final.

“The final choreography was spectacular and that made me doubt a lot, so I was scared. However, when I saw the other two dances, I said: ‘I’ll take it with me,’ ”he told Ethel Pozo’s program.

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Magaly Medina called Korina Rivadeneira arrogance

In the last issue of Magaly Tv, I signed it, reporters asked Korina Rivadeneira about her favoritism in reality. Likewise, his statements were taken by Magaly Medina as “superb.”

“The truth is, if there was favoritism from the beginning, it is because he deserved it, right? Suddenly, there were nice comments towards me is because I have done good presentations. So if people saw me as a favorite, it’s because I deserved it, ”he said.

Korina Rivadeneira spoke about the rumors that claimed that she was the favorite of the show. Photo: ATV capture

Allison Pastor defeats Korina Rivadeneira in Magaly Medina poll

In the recent program of Magaly Medina, a survey was conducted where viewers were asked to decide which of the two participants, Allison Pastor and Korina Rivadeneira, danced better in Queens of the show. Given this, Erick Elera’s wife had a great advantage.

“It’s overwhelming, 99% (voted for) Allison, Korina (only got) 1%, for saying there was a call, nothing more,” said the host.

Allison Pastor and Korina Rivadeneira Magaly

Magaly Medina criticizes Gisela Valcárcel’s apologies to Allison Pastor

The journalist Magaly Medina spoke about the final of Reinas del show and Gisela Valcárcel’s apologies to Allison Pastor. In this regard, the figure of ATV, critical of the way I approach it.

“Gisela has always been like this, she orders, and the others are actors in her circus. You took her out of the race, you humiliated her in front of your audience and now God bless you? No well, that’s not Gise. That is not making anyone happy, she apologizes as if it were a privilege for Allison to receive an apology from her, “he said.

Magaly Medina made fun of Gisela Valcárcel after the end of Reinas del show.

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