Magaly Medina assures that Néstor asked for 20,000 soles to sign Florcita Polo’s divorce on her show | Susan Diaz | Magaly TV: The Firm RMMN EMCC | PEOPLE

In the edition of Friday, June 10 of “Magaly TV: La Firme”, Magaly Medina was surprised to reveal that Néstor Villanueva is asking his program for the amount of 20 thousand soles to sign the divorce documents live for his still wife Florcita Pole Diaz.

The ATV figure recalled that a day before, that is, on Thursday, June 9, the cumbia singer communicated by telephone with his program and assured that he had no problem signing the papers. He even said that he could do it live in the show space

“Magaly, if you want, we can do it on your show and all the press can also go. If you want, I will sign that document tomorrow, I have no problem doing it”, Nestor pointed out.

Magaly Medina refuses to pay Nestor

However, everything remained in words, because Magaly Medina had no qualms about revealing the conditions of Florcita Polo’s ex-partner to sign the document.

“This of fulfilling his promise, signing Floricita’s divorce, had a cost for our program, 20 thousand soles, nothing more. To my reporter, he said no, it’s 20 thousand soles “, declared the ‘magpie’.

Magaly Medina was outraged and assured that even if she had the money, she would not pay the cumbiambero that amount. “We are not going to pay for something that he has to do if it is done in a good way, if he really says that he respects and loves his children,” he pointed.

Finally, the entertainment journalist recommended Néstor Villanueva to let go of his still wife if he loves her as he says. “If you love a woman let her go because she is no longer happy with you. Let her fly alone What are we talking about? (…) I found it so offensive that he charged us that he has to do it from the heart, I am not his mother-in-law”, declared.


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