Magaly Medina assures that she was forced to interview Tilsa Lozano when she worked at Latina | RMMN entertainment | SHOWS

After Tilsa Lozano let it be seen that he received approximately 80 thousand soles for giving an interview to Magaly Medina in 2015, the show host denied tonight that his then production had disbursed said amount.

The ‘Urraca’ used several minutes of his program “Magaly TV: La Firme” to tell his version of said interview, and revealed what were the conditions that the model set for appearing on his set.

“I did not negotiate the interview at all. I have already said it, they sent me to an arena where the producers with the Latina Management decided that I will interview Tilsa Lozanobut since Tilsa was so afraid that I would ask her about that particular aspect of her life, what they did was make a contract where I was sent to the ring tied hand and foot because there was a clause where I could not touch the subject ‘Loco’ Vargas”, replied the ATV figure.

In that sense, Magaly Medina She assured that she was forced to do this interview, since they did not allow her to refuse to appear on screen due to the clauses of her contract.

“I refused (to interview her), but they told me that I also had clauses in the contract that I could not stop broadcasting a program of mine. That way I was forced to do that interview. (…) Someday I will tell it all in a book”, sentenced the driver, to later reveal that Tilsa Lozano they paid him 50 thousand soles to attend his program.


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