Magaly Medina broadcasts audio of Andy Polo’s wife and their children: “Please, mom, don’t hit you” | RMMN entertainment | PEOPLE

Genesis Alarcón, former partner of Andy Poloreappeared tonight on the program “Magaly TV: La Firme” to deny the version of the player, who assures that he never physically assaulted her when they were in the United States.

The 27-year-old reaffirmed her complaint and assured that the new signing of Universitario de Deportes hit her in front of her two children and, as proof of this, revealed a new audio that left the soccer player very badly.

In the material, Genesis is heard begging the player not to continue with the attacks, and the heartbreaking cry of his little ones is also heard, who are terrified when they witness the attack.

Did you break it (your cell phone)? What did he tell you, mommy? Please, mom, don’t let him hit you. Mommy, give him the cell phone”one of the sons of Andy Polo.

After listening to the new audio, Magaly Medina was quite distressed, while Claudia Zumaeta, a lawyer for Genesis Alarconcould not help but break live.

How horrible, for God’s sake (…) it’s really, I know, it’s revealing, it’s terrifying (…) it breaks my heart to listen to that little boy”, pointed out the ATV presenter, who, at the beginning of the program, had described this material as terrifying.

“You can hear the children crying, it is terrifying, the crying of the son of Andy Polo and Genesis Alarcon saying ‘mom, give him the cell phone, he’s going to hit you’. It’s really terrifying.”detailed the show host.


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