Magaly Medina calls Tula Rodríguez “petty”: “She hides under her daughter’s age to do what she wants” (VIDEO) | entertainment-celebs-Peru- | SHOWS

the journalist Magaly Medina questioned the host of En Boca de Todos, tula rodriguezin the midst of the dispute that she lives for the inheritance of her late husband Javier Carmona.

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As recalled, Paola Bisso, mother of the former manager’s two eldest children, denounced that Rodríguez does not want to hand over the assets that correspond to Lucas and Tadeo Carmona.

As recalled, Tula’s stepsons commented that she does not process the necessary paperwork so that her father’s inheritance can be distributed.

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“She hides under her daughter’s age to do what she wants and not do what her husband’s relatives are asking her to decide what to do with the properties, etc.”, he pointed out.

At another time, the popular magpie pointed out that the TV presenter “hides” in the age of her daughter, still a minor, so as not to give her stepchildren part of the inheritance that corresponds to them.

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“It is the events of your life that really speak of the kind of person you are, of the wood you are made of (…) words are carried away by the wind. Deeds and not words”, she pointed out.

It should be noted that according to the children of the deceased, Rodríguez postpones being the legal guardian of his daughter with the former manager, due to his minority, and therefore the aforementioned assets cannot be disposed of.

“To me, Tula seems very petty when it comes to pain and inheritance, which will be little for her and it will not seem like much to her, but the children need to have that available, she does not do it. It doesn’t seem like it to me, children don’t have to be taught not to be petty, ”she added.

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