Magaly Medina criticizes the used truck that was given to Karla Tarazona: “She saved about 60 thousand dollars” | entertainment | celebrity | Mother’s Day | SHOWS

In the latest edition of his program, Magaly Medina continued to criticize the gift that Karla Tarazona received for Mother’s Day from her now husband Rafael Fernández, which was a used 2019 Land Rover truck.

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“The husband saved a lot of dollars because that type of Land Rover Discovery model truck in a store is going for more than 100 thousand dollars. He saved more or less about 60 thousand dollars”expressed Magaly Medina between laughs.

It is worth mentioning that Karla Tarazona herself revealed that the truck is used and that she will only use it for a year, since she plans to change her car.

“It is not so new but it is useful to go to work to do things (…) this will last at least a year, to chacreate it well, mistreat it and change it”, counted Karla Tarazona about his new truck.

Giuliana Rengifo to Magaly after dismissing her romance with Alfredo Zambrano: “He was affectionate and detailed with me”

The clashes between Magaly Medina and Giuliana Rengifo continue. After the statements of the ‘Urraca’, where the supposed romance that the dancer had with Alfredo Zambrano, the cumbiambera came forward to reaffirm that she did have a relationship with the notary.

In an interview with the program “Amor y Fuego”, the former member of “Agua Bella” assured that the lawyer never treated her as something temporary and, on the contrary, was a very attentive person with her.

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He would pick me up at the airport when I came on a trip. Really, it was a normal, calm relationship, only that I am a public figure, he was always super affectionate with me, he was very detailed, how he always is at the beginning of a relationship “narrowed down

For Rengifo, Zambrano would not have made their romance public to protect her from the presenter of “Magaly TV: La Firme.” “I think she did it to take care of her, because obviously she is Magaly Medina. (…) I think she is hurt, but it was a relationship that happened a long time ago and what happened in a relationship remains between the twos”, he limited.