Magaly Medina [EN VIVO]: relive the third ampay of ‘Chorri’ Palacios just days after his wedding | show business

Not to believe! The driver Magaly Medina announced an unveiling starring Roberto ‘Chorri’ Palacios that shook the local show business. This was the third compromising meeting of the former athlete broadcast on “Magaly TV, the firm”.

Magaly Medina she returned from her vacation more recharged than ever. As she promised, the host announced this Wednesday, January 25, that the protagonist of ‘fiery encounter’ It was nothing more and nothing less than ‘Chorri’ ‘Palacios, who was unfaithful to his partner, on a new occasion, just days after getting married. This new information that has shaken the local show business comes only two days after the return of the ‘Urraca’ to its usual schedule on the ATV screens and having exposed the case of the Peruvian soccer player Renato Tapia.

Magaly TV La Firme LIVE TODAY: Magaly Medina’s ampay is still here

Magaly exposes chats between ‘Chorri’ and Maribel Meza

In addition, the host presented some screenshots of conversations between “Chorri” Palacios and Maribel Meza.

The images correspond to the month of November 2022. These describe that they had already had previous meetings.

chori palacioschori palacios

‘Chorri’ Palacios sent his car to be washed after meeting with a woman

According to Magaly, the former athlete would have sent his car to be washed to eliminate evidence that holds him responsible for his infidelity.

“He did it to free himself from any evidence that would give him away,” said the presenter.

This was the ampay of ‘Chorri’ Palacios with Maribel Meza

Maribel Meza, the woman who was captured along with “Chorri” Palacios in compromising scenes, declared for “Magaly TV, the firm.”

In her story, she explained that she and the former soccer player had a sexual encounter inside her car.

Magaly shows unpublished images of the wedding of ‘Chorri’ Palacios

Magaly Medina issued a report on the chronology of the wedding of ‘Chorri’ Palacios with his wife Carla. According to a wedding planner, the organization of the nuptials would have cost 20,000 soles.

chori palacioschori palacios

Magaly reveals the name of the protagonist of ‘fiery encounter’

It is ‘Chorri’ Palacios, who got married 5 days ago, on January 20th.

As you remember, “Chorri” had already been supported by a woman who was not his wife in a nightclub in Piura.

Magaly Medina starts her program mentioning a new ‘bomb’

The well-known ‘Urraca’ began her program “Magaly TV, the firm” announcing that following the release of the preview of the “fiery encounter” of a famous celebrity character, many wrote to her to ask if it was Richard Acuña and Julian Alexander.

This was the progress of the “fiery meeting” that Magaly Medina will broadcast

Whenever the ATV space announces the promotion of an ampay, a case of infidelity or a scandal of another type, the introduction is: “Today on ‘Magaly TV, the firm'”.

The voice-over continued by saying: “He married his beloved surrounded by family and friends, but we will tell you all the details of the fiery meeting that he had days before saying yes“.

This information has made many question who could be the protagonist of the news. As recalled, the last men who got married and were linked to the world of entertainment by their partners were: Jacson Mora (Tilsa Lozano), Julián Alexander (Ethel Pozo), Richard Acuña (Brunella Horna) and Pierre Cateriano (Valeria Piazza).

Magaly Medina exposes Renato Tapia for not recognizing a child outside of his marriage

What was promised was debt. Magaly Medina dropped the “bomb” corresponding to Renato Tapia on January 23. The presenter said that the athlete has a 6-year-old son, the result of his ex-relationship with Daniela Castro, to whom they have no intention of giving his last name.