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In the latest edition of America Today, Brunella Horna He made a mistake again live when commenting on the tragedy in Pataz, where a landslide buried more than 60 homes and left five people missing and unfortunately four dead.

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We are there to find out what the true information is, if the sixty disappeared homes have already appeared”, Brunella said on the show.

Due to this comment, Magaly Medina did not hesitate to attack the model and her comments about the tragedy that occurred in Pataz.

“I would never want to be like her (…) the nonsense is irreproachable and today they realized (…) how they put her, when her little brain does not give her”, expressed Magaly Medina

He then continued with: “How are the missing houses going to appear, silly. Why do they give him the microphone? Does America Today have no reporters?


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Andy Polo sent a notarial letter to Magaly Medina and asked her to rectify herself

Andy Polo sent a notarized letter to Magaly Medina. The show host turned to the cameras of her program to respond to the soccer player, who was denounced by his still wife, Génessis Alarcón, for physical and psychological aggression.

“Andy Polo signs a notarized letter addressed to me… yes Andy Polo, who was removed from the Portland Timbers team and whose lawyers for his wife (Génessis Alarcón) have just filed a civil lawsuit,” Medina expressed at the beginning of his message.

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The host of “Magaly TV: La Firme” pointed out that the athlete asks her to publicly rectify herself or take legal action.

“He sends me this letter to ask me to stop ‘the damage that I am causing him’ and requests that I publicly rectify the mendacity that I have exposed against him, otherwise he will take the corresponding legal measures to protect his constitutional rights”Magaly said when reading the notarial letter.