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The host of “Magaly Tv La Firme” criticized that the model Valery Revello has refused to give an interview when leaving a nightclub.

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Last weekend, the reporters of the popular “Urraca” captured some reality boys who woke up at a party in Asia, where Sergio Peña’s ex-partner was captured. However, the influencer asked not to be recorded.

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In this regard, Medina attacked Revello’s attitude and said he did not know it. “She’s out of place, I don’t know why the press ‘talks at her so much’. What has she done to earn a place, a name? Is she an actress, is she a singer, does she have any talent? And she freaks out Kim Kardashian,” she expressed.

“Poor thing, you should be thankful that my cameras are there. At least they make you dream that one day you could be famous, successful,” continued the show host.

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Selected wives approve new romance by Valery Revello and Diego Rodríguez

Through his Instagram account, Valery Revello this time published in his feed some photos of the romantic evening he had with his partner.

Among the “likes” of the publication is also that of the couples of the soccer players of the Peruvian team, Claudia Díaz, wife of Pedro Gallese and Alexandra Cordero, wife of Yoshimar Yotún, with whom Valeria Revello has a friendship.

As you remember, Valery became friends with several soccer players’ wives when she was also a partner of the player Sergio Peña, with whom she has a little daughter.