Magaly Medina on Andy Polo’s report presented on D-Day: “they tried to clean up his image” (VIDEO) | entertainment | celebrity | SHOWS

In the latest edition of his program, Magaly Medina had strong qualifiers to the reporter who interviewed Andy Polo. In addition, the TV host stated that D-Day tried to clean up the image of the soccer player after being denounced by his ex-partner for aggression.

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“Interviewed by a reporter who evidently did not get enough information and did not compare the long investigation that we did and barely gave Genesis’s lawyer a paragraph of a long interview”, Magaly said.

Then I continue with: “Of course, the intention has been to cleanse the soccer player’s face (…) they had, necessarily, to have an information vehicle, a medium where he said and cleared himself of all the accusations of Génisis (…)”.

MAIL |  Magaly Medina on Andy Polo's report presented on D-Day:

Andy Polo on seeing his children sleeping on a sofa on TV: “It shocked me a lot”

Andy Polo finally broke his silence for the D-Day program, where he gave an extensive interview in the midst of the scandal that surrounds him due to the complaint of physical aggression made by his still wife Genesis Alarcón.

“I have never abandoned my children. She has been going to live at her grandmother’s house since before Christmas. The rental of the apartment was from December 14, we arrived at January 14. I was quite shocked to see my children on TV, they have never lacked for anything, I have proof”, he pointed.

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“I can show you conversations with her, where I ask her to see my children, and she doesn’t allow them, leaving me on sight”, he added.