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The Host of “Magaly Tv La Firme” referred to the recent statement of the footballer Renato Tapia after being denounced for refusing to sign his son with Daniela Castro.

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It should be noted that the Peruvian athlete expressed, through his social networks, regretting the way he handled the situation. “First, I regret the way I handled the issue and apologize publicly to each of the people in my family who were affected by it,” he said.

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In this regard, the presenter of shows was outraged because it was pronounced years later, when the subject was made public.

“He went out to ‘patch’ or to believe that he ‘patched’ the issue with this statement (…) Of course, after six years he regrets how he handled the issue. He is a full-fledged man who has a family, a career, a profession and only when this explodes in the media does he speak out with a statement where he wants and intends to cover all of our mouths, ”he said.

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Likewise, the popular “Urraca” criticized that the footballer has not committed to legally recognize the minor. “He was able to resolve it in private six years ago (…) Not now, it’s too late, no one is going to come to pressure, not the media, not Daniela and her lawyer with ‘everything is going to take in private,'” he said.

How did Renato Tapia meet Daniela Castro?

The young woman revealed in the Magaly Medina program that she met Renato Tapia in 2003, since they studied at the same school and were a couple. However, they both followed her path: she got pregnant and had her first daughter at the age of 16 and the soccer player married at 19.