Magaly Medina surprised by the exorbitant salary of Jefferson Farfán in Alianza Lima despite the fact that he does not play in League 1 | peruvian football | Jefferson Farfán contract | NMRI EMCC | SHOWS

In the broadcast of “Magaly TV: La Firme” on Wednesday, May 11, Magaly Medina could not hide her surprise when she learned that the soccer player Jefferson Farfán would continue to receive large income from the Alianza Lima club, despite the fact that he is not playing due to his strong injury.

The ATV figure took several minutes of his space to read the informative note of the international newspaper “Bitbol”, where they detail the amounts that Farfán receives from the Alianza Lima club. They even describe his contract as “pharaonic and never seen before in Peru.”

“The sports newspaper Bitbol, ​​a newspaper specialized in sports. What he is saying is that Jefferson Farfán has a pharaonic contract never seen before in Peru and he does not play. What happens when he signs up without sports planning and simply pulls out of his wallet just for the name of a player? ”, Magaly Medina read at the beginning.

“They say that 82% of Brazilian soccer players earn less than US$252 a month, and that the player (Jefferson Farfán) told a friend: ‘Look at my cut, my knee is broken, I had surgery here’ (…) Blue and white fund paid a whim, unprecedented in Peruvian football, the figure is terrifying for other clubs. US$600,000 per year, Alianza Lima pays US$30,000 per month, and Banco Pichincha contributes US$20,000 to have the blue and white legend. This is the best paid player in the history of Peruvian football.” he added.

Given this, Magaly Medina questioned that sports journalists remain silent in the face of this situation.

“In addition, Farfán received a faucet valued at one million dollars. Oh I didn’t know so much gossip. Why don’t sports journalists tell us this? he added.