Magaly on the Latina program: “A fiasco from the beginning. Up my people? down it will be” (VIDEO) | entertainment-celebs-Peru | SHOWS

The show host Magaly Medina criticized the morning show “Arriba mi gente”. Through her space on ATV, Magaly TV La Firme, the presenter pointed out that said show “has been a fiasco from the beginning.”

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“They start with people who have always felt different, who live in a bubble, for them many of the media are useless, they don’t work, they want to talk only about people’s careers but not about their personal lives” , he indicated.

At another time, he questioned the actress Gianella Neyra, one of the hosts of the program. As pointed out by the popular ‘magpie’, the interpreter has been against the entertainment spaces on TV on several occasions.

“So I ask Gianella Neyra, what are you doing there? Up my people? Up to where? down it will be,” she pointed out.

“They have sold to promote their program, the story of a boy who was told that he was going to meet Gianluca Lapadula; that he would be in the first program. However, he was not even for ‘facetime’, he was not live, they only had a 15-second greeting from him, ”he highlighted.

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