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Seven months have passed since a judge decided to take custody of his two minor children from Magaly SolierSince then, the Peruvian actress tries to continue with life, and this Sunday, she showed details of how her days are away from her little ones.

The protagonist of the film “The scared tit” gave an interview to the D-Day program, where she could not help breaking down when talking about her children.

Along the way, lots of challenges are crossed, and you reach a moment where… [se quiebra] I don’t want to cry, I get very excited here, I’m leaving, I’m here, I’m leaving, but knowing that, at a distance, I have such an enormous treasure”, Said the actress in reference to her three children.

Although she is going through one of her best moments in the workplace, the artist from Ayacucho cannot celebrate her achievements due to the absence of her little ones, who have been left in the care of her father after the latter accused her of physical and psychological abuse.

What mother is not going to miss (her children), but I see them and it’s as if they were “pointed out Magaly Solier, who was also encouraged to send them a message: “I love them, we are going to see each other soon, and if I am not in Peru, they will come for me. Obey Dad”she maintained visibly excited.

Despite this complicated situation, the Peruvian actress tries to overcome this moment by working in the fields in her native Huanta and in the company of her parents.

I don’t feel alone because I have thousands of things to do, and if I feel like I need a break from work, I go to my mom, but I’m always busy, my life has always been like this since I was 8 years old”, he sentenced.


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