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There is less and less time left for the long-awaited premiere of the new season of “In the background there is room”, and the members of the cast do not stop expressing their excitement at reuniting with their audience through the screens of América Televisión, and Magdyel Ugaz is one of them.

After assuring that he can’t wait to return to the ring, the remembered Theresa Collazos He nostalgically recalled the popular song that became popular with the series, which is performed by Tommy Portugal.

“The song of There is room in the background It gave me mixed feelings, when it ended it made me sad. The series was very special because 5 years have passed and people still remember it with a lot of love.he pointed.

The Peruvian actress admitted that she has already seen some locations and also the costumes that her colorful character will wear in the series.

If the changing rooms of ‘Teresita’ were already a scandal, these come but recharged. I’m proposing things to Gigio (Aranda) what I would love to explore with ‘Tere’. I have read the first three scripts and it seemed to me that they are brave”, he commented.

AFHS actors begin filming
AFHS actors begin filming


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