Maía in ‘La descarga’ on Caracol TV was eliminated from the ‘Rock Tenor’

Emotions continue to be lived to the surface in the new stage of ‘La Descarga, the temple of music’, where every day one of the participants receives the bad news of having to leave the contest. Today it was the turn of the team maiafive of them left the best of their talent on Tocadiscos and fought for their place in the ‘reality’ show on Caracol Televisión.

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The winner of the first season of La Voz Senior, María Nelfi, opened the night performing ‘Cuando vivas conmigo’. Several blunders during her performance led her to apologize to her audience, her mentor, and her peers. “Sorry guys. I just want to tell you that there is no evil that does not come well, that I tried anyway, I did it, which is the most important thing, it hurts because I know that Colombia is watching me and others have made much bigger mistakes, but they do not feel The way I feel now, I feel that I have let them down and I don’t want to feel that. First of all, my respects to everyone, teacher forgive me, to my mentor, who is the best, forgive me my doll ”, he said through tears.

At his apologies, the other mentors, Gusi, marbelle Y Santiago Cruzencouraged the participant. “You are great, nothing is great for us, you have already shown it to your audience”, expressed the Valle del Cauca singer. For her part, Maía, also gave her words of encouragement. “Everything went well, calm down, everything is wonderful, it happens to all of us, it has happened to all of us, don’t worry,” said.

Despite the setback, and the applauded presentations of her peers, the interpreter of Niña bonita decided to protect María Nelfi so that she could continue in the competition and sing along with her mentor in the next download. “Doña María ‘Netflix’ do not cry, rest assured that all your colleagues, artists, colleagues and we understand to such an extent that you are my chosen one today. Here we protect and give second chances, you can’t leave without us singing together. Thank you all for understanding, I hope I have your understanding for what I just did, I think it was the right thing, ” Maia confessed.

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The other presentations were in charge of Laura Azul, who made her mentor cry with pride; Jair Santrich, César Amaya and The rock tenor. The latter was chosen by Gusi, Marbelle and Santiago Cruz to leave the competition. “Thank you very much to my mentor, to my friends, it was the moment, rock and roll remains with Laura Azul, everything comes at the right time that it has to come”, said the eliminated.