Maía suffered a hard blow in ‘La descarga’ (Snail) for choosing a participant; video

The curious moment occurred in the middle of the presentation of ‘Mr Steve’, who performed the song ‘Te busco’, by Cosculluela. As they are in the team selection stage, the judges fight to get the best in their groups.

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And it is that precisely at the moment of choosing —when the jurors have to press the button once they hear a siren—, The singer from Barranquilla suffered a blow that left her quite sore.

Upon hearing the sound that gave permission for the singers to press the button, Maía hurried up and he ended up hitting one of his fingers with the structure in front of him. In fact, he failed to oppress him and lost the opportunity to have the San Andresan on his team.

“I’ve hit a cock… My God, sir, I think…”, said the 41-year-old artist once she took the floor. She even made several gestures of pain.

Here, the moment of the hit:

Presentation of ‘Mr Steve’ in ‘The Download’

The contestant, who from the first audition amazed the judges with his talent, was one of the most desired by the singers. He was finally in the team of ‘Gusi’, who was the fastest to press the button.

“Brother, what a great happiness that I have because I dreamed of having you in my team since I saw you for the first time”, recognized the Venezuelan.

Marbelle joined in the praise and congratulated ‘Gusi’ for having chosen him for his group.

“The most delicious thing about seeing you and having you here is that you are unique in your genre, you are unique in the competition. So [‘Gusi’] you get a card that has no comparison here”, mentioned the Valle del Cauca.

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Although the participant had assured that he wanted to stay in Maía’s team, he stated that it would be a great challenge to be among those chosen by ‘Gusi’.

“We are going to take advantage of the fact that the teacher [‘Gusi’] He gave me the opportunity and we are going to do it with all the desire ”, concluded.