Maía will end the year with a decision about her daughter

Maía is one of the Colombian pop music artists with the longest track record in music, so it could be said that she is one of the most recognized, at least in the country.

The singer of popular songs like Pretty Girl, Naivety, Not Loving You and many more in recent months, she has been dedicated to her facet as a new mother in the midst of one of the most important projects on Colombian television.

For this reason, many are now aware of the life of the Colombian singer and of course they wonder about her habits for this end of the year and what she will do in the New Year, being the first as a mother.

It should be remembered that 9 months ago, the singer from the Atlantic coast, more precisely from Barranquilla, she became a mother after giving birth to her little Magdalena with whom she is deeply in love.

Precisely as the program of which she is a part is on vacation and the recordings are also on pause, the artist is going to take more days of relaxation in a place where she is happy and where her daughter will also surely enjoy despite being so small.

As the singer told in the entertainment and gossip program of the Channel One, I Know Everything, This year-end she is going to one of her favorite places: the beach with her parents.

As a judge and mentor in the new musical reality The Download of Snail Channel Who went off the air in the last weeks of December to take a vacation like many, Maía has shown her fun personality captivating millions.

As the artist told the journalist who interviewed her, on the 31st she will be in a quite impressive region. “I’m going to Puerto Colombia because I have Magdalena there and I want her to enjoy her grandparents, my parents,” said the artist, adding that the good thing is that just like her, her daughter is a party girl and a coastal girl.

“Magdalena came out dark like her mom and a beach shirt like her mom,” said the artist who is happy with her daughter and knows that 2023 will be a year in which she will continue to see her little girl grow as well as continue to receive the success of her participation in ‘La Descarga’ and with his musical career in which he is also working.

Maía sent words to her husband after a particular “incident” during a presentation she gave with a participant from “La descarga”

In one of the episodes of the program, something unexpected happened during a presentation, as Maía led one of the contestants to discover other facets of her voice. The mentor infected ‘Oropesa’ with pop and taught him several techniques that would help him in the future in the competition.

Both artists interpreted Come back to mewhere they showed the vocal capacity they possess, the nuances with which they play and the passion they feel for music. At the end of the song, the participant got quite close to Maía to give drama to the interpretation and thus create an emotional atmosphere.

After a wave of praise and applause from the other mentors and the public on the set, Maía opened up and commented that she was nervous about the level and preparation of her pupil: “I was also very nervous. He is a man who is very prepared at a classical level and today the test was that he could also mix the technique of pop to create nuances and that Colombia knew that he also has the ability to go through mariachi, ranchera, pop”.

In the middle of ‘Oropesa”s words of thanks to her coach, Jessica Cediel referred to the “almost kiss”, joking and highlighting how significant the moment was for the song.

“Also, in the end that almost kiss there,” said the presenter, to which the participant said with a laugh: “Now Maía’s husband is going to kill me.”

My husband is a fan of his since Canta con conmigo, so you will forgive”, added the coach, who made funny comments so that the pupil approached her to interpret the duet lines.

When mentioning this moment of the presentation, Marbelle praised the work of both on stage, pointing out that these closeness and these performances arose from how dedicated the artists were to the song.

“When you two started singing, it’s really the first time I connected and felt what happened with that song. When one is there, one begins to feel that magic. That’s why that almost kiss, because in those moments they are allowed, that’s where we are really flying in another dimension”, said the interpreter of addicted to painapplauding the test they did.

The funny thing about the moment was that Maía turned to her husband, hoping that he too would see things the way Marbelle had seen them. There he highlighted how professional ‘Oropesa’ was and how much he left her impregnated with the perfume he was wearing.

“I hope my husband thinks the same as Marbelle. That’s a man cannon. I was left smelling of his perfume and everything, ”she added with a laugh. Finally, Maía continued with her particular humor and added other words, assuring her sentimental partner that she would take a shower before arriving at her house. “I bathe before I get home, my love”, he said, unleashing laughter among his companions.