Maité Perroni breaks the silence after Alfonso Herrera made the fuchi to RBD

After the film and television actor, Alfonso Herrera refused to participate in the upcoming and long-awaited musical tour of the pop group RBD, Maite Perroni breaks the silence and he made his feelings known because his former bandmate made them the fuchi to sing again in front of his faithful audience.

And it is that, a few days ago, after several speculations around a friendship meeting that the members of RBD carried out (except Poncho), and after having hidden its content on Instagram, anahíMaite Perroni, Dulce María, Christopher Uckerman and Christian Chavez confirmed their return with a world tour I AM REBELDE. WORLD.

The news, as expected, thrilled their millions of fans beyond measure, who daily asked them to meet once again on a tour that is almost a reality. However, it was impossible for the decision to go unnoticed. Alfonso Herrera not to participate in it, and above all, that he did not give any explanation about it to his fans.

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Since his announcement, the networks of the famous actor of ozark Y Sense 8 have been flooded with complaints and attacks from netizens, who demand that he change his mind and join the tour, which did not cause any sympathy for Maite Perroni.

The actress of Triad Y dark desire was approached by the media at the airport, and broke the silence on the situation, defending tooth and nail the decision of Alfonso Herrera.

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Although so far the reason why Poncho will not participate in the reunion is unknown, Maite denied that it was due to discussions between the members of the group or because of egos, and even supported it.

Maité Perroni breaks the silence after Alfonso Herrera made the fuchi to RBD. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

“I believe that we have to respect the personal and professional decisions of each one that has nothing to do with the affection and love that exists between us, they are decisions that take us to different places, nothing more,” said the artist during her recent meeting with the press at the Mexico City Airport.

Maité Perroni breaks the silence after Alfonso Herrera made the fuchi to RBD. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

In the same way, the protagonist of dark desire He assured that what each one decides will not affect their relationship, so he respects the course that Herrera chose.

Together, Maite stressed that for her all the people who worked in Rebel they are part of the same generation and a history, and they will not stop being so despite the fact that none of them is currently working on the same project, with the exception of RBD.

Maité Perroni breaks the silence after Alfonso Herrera made the fuchi to RBD. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

In days gone by, the group that emerged in the soap opera Rebel confirmed that he will launch a project as of January 19, 2023. Anahí, Dulce María, Maite PerroniChristopher Uckermann and Christian Chávez will once again work together in what appears to be a concert tour.

Although neither has wanted to talk about what they have planned for RBDit is rumored that I am Rebel World It will go through several countries and could close in Mexico with one last concert.

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