Maite Perroni, from RBD, announces that she is pregnant

Since it became known that the actress and singer Maite Perroni was having an affair with the Mexican producer Andrés Tovar, she immediately began to be harshly criticized. since it was indicated to be the third in contention in the previous marriage of the man with the also actress Claudia Martín.

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Nevertheless, Perroni and Tovar turned a deaf ear and took their love affair to something more serious: marriage. The couple married in October 2022, a month after the TV show producer asked her, aboard a helicopter, to marry him.

The quick wedding fueled the rumors that began in July when the Mexican press claimed that Perroni was pregnant.

In mid-December, the artist was asked if the speculations were true, but she denied it: “I hope so, we have already put our letter under the tree, it has already been requested, we will see what happens and when it is achieved,” she said Awake America.

Now, the couple just announced that they will become parents.

Maite Perroni, 39, and Andrés Tovar announced on Three Kings Day that they are expecting their first child.

The couple posted a video on their respective Instagram accounts with the following message: “Happy Three Kings Day! Now yes, let this 2023 begin full of love and what your hearts desire the most, may it be a great year for all ”.

The clip begins with the image of the traditional Mexican rosca de reyes, that when it is cut, a note appears that says “There are three of us”.

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Then they show three boots hanging on the fireplace with the names of Andrés, Maite and another with a question mark, from which they take a note that says: “Andrés and Maite left their letter under the tree and their greatest wish came true: they are going to be mom and dad!”

Finally, they both open a gift that is at the foot of their Christmas tree, and inside there is another note that reads: “We feel deeply grateful to God and to life for allowing us to form our family. Bebé Tovar Perroni”, and added the hashtag “TovarronisBaby2023”.

The couple did not reveal details about Maite’s gestation period, so it is unknown if her pregnancy will interfere with the RBD reunion, announced a few days ago.