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It seems that the Three Wise Men arrived at Maite Perroni’s house and they fulfilled one of her wishes: to be a mother, well The RBD singer announced that she is pregnant.

Through social networks, the artist surprised her followers after sharing a video where at the time of breaking a Kings cake, the traditional doll came out with a sign announcing: “We are already three.”

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Then three Christmas boots are observed, where the last one has a question mark and at the moment of seeing its interior, a piece of paper appears in which the Kings send them a brief message.

“They left their letter under the tree and their biggest wish came true: They are going to be mom and dad!” says the letter.

Finally, under the Christmas tree, the couple open a gift from which they take out a baby garment and an envelope in which both thank God for the wonderful news.

“We feel deeply grateful to God and to life for allowing us to form our family,” says the message.

Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar

After a long time of rumors about whether Andrés Tovar began his relationship with Maite when he still had a partner, finally the two claimed that they started dating when they were both single.

Then it was in August of last year when the couple announced their engagement Y on October 9 they finally got married in Valle de Bravo.

At the time, the actress also expressed her happiness at the wedding and stated that both her family and God had been accompanied by faith to take their first steps in life together.

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It should be remembered that the members of RBD and many celebrities from the artistic world were present during the event, where the great absentees were Dulce María and Alfonso Herrera.