Maleja lived on the streets of Bogotá for years because of drugs

At 28 years old, Maira Alejandra Sánchez has had many life stories that she has gradually been telling her colleagues from the ‘Desafío’, although she is often criticized for being a woman who is always giving motivational messages and has even been scolded for sleeping.

One of those bad moments in his life was because of drugs. She was born and raised in the town of Kennedy, southwest of Bogotá, where thousands of people from different strata and life contexts live. She says that her father abandoned her before she was born and that her childhood was with her mother and sister, although there was a time when she derailed her.

When I was 14, 15 years old, a person invited me to smoke marijuana and I found something that I had never had before: acceptance, feeling part of something. I started with marijuana and then many other things”, was how she described that moment in her life that was crucial and that led her down a bad path for years.

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‘Maleja’, from ‘Desafío’, and his bad experience with drugs: he lived on the street

In ‘La Red’, the still-participant of the Caracol Television reality show said that for six years she was involved in that world, he spent nights on the street and was up close to one of the darkest places in the city in which delinquency, drugs and death were around every day.

I knew it was going to the bronx, spending nights there, getting high, sleeping on the street. I left my house because I wanted to. My mom never took me out of the house, nor did anyone in the family turn their back on me. They wanted to help me, but I didn’t want it because I felt like I was my own. When I didn’t have money for drugs, I was always in a circle where there were a lot of drugs. I never had the need to steal or do something like attack my own body, “said the woman in this program.

Although he assures that he was not able “to be a street dweller or to walk with a sack”, he did have very bad nights until after sleeping in a park she got up “very hungry”, which is why she called a sister and she received her. “I went and since that day I have not returned to the street”he remembered.

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How he overcame his drug addiction ‘Maleja’, from ‘Desafío’

To detoxify was difficult because my body had a dependency“Recalled the woman from Bogota who at the time she decided to get away from drugs was about 21 years old.

Sport and study were the two impulses that allowed him to get ahead. The first thing he did at home was to get on the iron horse: “When I discovered that getting on the bike took away my anxiety, or at night I went running in the residential complex.”

He also found that “in the Sena there was a course that paid to study”, so he received about 700,000 pesos a month. “The course was film and television and I was a fan of ‘Desafío’ so I said I wanted to be here. Then I met my partner and there I decided that because of my love for sports I no longer wanted to be part of the production, but as a participant, “he recalled.

After overcoming this challenge in your life‘Maleja’ entered another business that has shed much more light on the program and even taught her companions what the movements are like.