Maleja Restrepo remembers how her sister stopped seeing

The presenter María Alejandra Restrepo Tafur, better known as ‘Maleja’ Restrepo, has managed to win the admiration of the millions of followers she accumulates on her official Instagram profile.

Through the dynamics of photos to share, the 36-year-old woman decided to interact with netizens and thus revealed that her sister is strong and her life story is complicated. “My sister is my heroine of flesh and blood; her life story is very hard, ”wrote the also actress.

To emphasize his sister’s life, Restrepo uploaded a photo on Instagram stories and there he is seen accompanied by Paola, his sister, and his eldest daughter Guadalupe.

The courage of Maleja’s relative is determined by the fight she undertook when she lost her sight, something that happened due to a strange disease that did not have a specific medical opinion.

His memories reappeared and the communicator recorded: “At 24 years old, after an undetermined illness, and because of diabetes, one day she became blind,” He opened his heart to the more than four million followers he accumulates on the social network, owned by Meta.

However, life has smiled on Restrepo and his family. For this reason, with the start and perseverance that has characterized her sister, the woman from Cali said that began to see again as if it were a miracle or divine sign.

“After many surgeries and painful processes, Paola was able to recover a percentage of vision in one eye,” said the wife of motorcycle rider Tatán Mejía.

Looking back on his sister’s story, it can be seen that ‘Male’ looks up to her and feels that she is the hero of his life.

It is worth mentioning that This is not the first time that the presenter reveals the story of her first-degree relative, A few years ago, the also content creator said that her sister’s situation had a strong impact on her and in her adolescence he made her go through difficult times.

Currently, Restrepo continues to reap the fruits of her home, works as a team with her “partner”, as she considers Tatán, and in the same vein, recently published a post of your favorite trio: her husband and two daughters, Guadalupe and Macarena.

“Our boy with whom we understand that it is about teamwork and that is why we celebrate your presence in our lives,” he wrote as a caption.

In addition to this, on February 27, Maleja Restrepo and Sebastián ‘Tatán’ Mejía celebrated 12 years of relationship, and his happiness was that of hundreds of people on social networks who follow the events of this couple every day, which has become one of the most beloved of the Colombian show business.

The announcement was made by Maleja through the stories from his Instagram account, in which he also revealed that she felt very happy because her husband had remembered the special date, although with a little help that came from the presenter.

“Look, today is a very special day, because today with Sebas we are celebrating 12 years of being together, and he did remember, of course, I put the reminder and everything,” Restrepo said in a video he showed on social networks, in the one that appears with some of his relatives.

As expected, the fans of this couple did not hesitate to congratulate them on the love “so beautiful that they show on a daily basis. I hope one day to find the right one and have daughters as loved and desired as the ones they have. What a beautiful home, Male”, as indicated by a netizen on Instagram.