‘Maleja’, scolded in ‘Desafío’ for sleeping; Criollo and Duván must have shouted

The challenge consisted of scoring goals by throwing a ball with the hand towards a goal in which a participant had to act as a goalkeeper or goalkeeper.

However, in one of the turns, ‘Maleja’ Sanchez, who always boasts of being focused and giving one hundred percent of her ability, did the opposite.

The woman was at her post, but looking away precisely when an opponent from the ‘alpha’ team shot towards his goal.

‘maleja’ he didn’t even notice, the ball went right over him of the head and added as a goal for the rival side.

At that moment the rest of the members of ‘gamma’ could not hide their discomfort and they yelled at him in front of everyone to wake up and pay more attention.

“What, ‘Maleja’?”, “’Maleja’, what happened”, “Pending!”: they yelled at him.

Néider Criollo and Duván Nino were the most annoying and the ones who raised their voices the most in the face of the entertainment professional virtual for male staff.

The paradox is that ‘gamma’ was winning and ended losing the test by just one goal difference with ‘alpha’, which went back to the end.

In full scolding, the woman said nothing, but at the end of the challenge did not take the blame individually and true to his style he unloaded responsibilities on others.

“The truth, we were all remalos, all except Criollo… We were scoring, we were one point away from winning and we weren’t capable… We had a lot of inaccuracies”, he stated by way of balance.

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On video, the particular situation (from minute 2:47):