Maleja taught Grecia and Emily at the Challenge to pose as in their business

‘Maleja’ Sánchez had already advanced in past episodes that he is dedicated to the virtual entertainment of male staff, that their clients they give him “trade girlfriend” and that his first time in front of a camera It was crazy”.

However, this time she served as a teacher for her teammates, and even for the men who share accommodation with her.

His attentive students were: the 33-year-old from Cucuta, Grecia Gutiérrez, who in the program broke a streak of “8 months without sleep without a man”, and the putumayense Emily Múnera, 21 years old and who has given something to talk about mess with the captain of ‘beta‘ despite having a boyfriend.

I love posing fascinates me. All the poses I have are done by my husband and I just replicate them. Let’s see if you can.” said ‘Maleja’ as an appetizer before showing 2 positions, one on the floor and the other lying down.

And he gave some advice: “I feel weird without long hair [lo perdió en una prueba] because I passed it forward. but i always do eye contact with the camera or I look down and open my mouth a little.”

In fact, he hinted that fitness is important for the lens to focus on certain angles: “It takes a lot of abdominal strength and harden the quadriceps.

At that moment, the 3 women were surprised doing their thing by the competitors of the house: Duván Niño, from Santander, Juan Pablo Casallas, from Boyacá, and Néider Criollo, from Pereira.

“We are photographers”, they managed to say while spying on them, which is why ‘Maleja’ used them as models so that Grecia and Emily would know how to “pose with a man”.

It was like this that in the midst of laughter, good humor and not many clothes, Duván made some positions with Grecia and Juan Pablo, others with Emily.

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