Malik Harris: What is known about father, mother and girlfriend?

Does Germany have good chances again at the Eurovision Song Contest with Malik Harris? After the disastrous result for Jendrik Sigwart 2021, who finished penultimate with his song “I Don’t Feel Hate”, fans are hoping for this year’s German contribution. But what is actually known about Malik Harris? The AZ has looked at the career of the singer.

Malik Harris Family: His father is a celebrity

Malik Harris was born in Landsberg am Lech in 1997. The talent for a great career seems to run in his family, because his father Ricky Harris is also very well known in Germany. The 59-year-old had “Ricky!” had his own talk show on Sat.1 and was also seen in various TV formats such as jungle camp, “The Perfect Celebrity Dinner” or “Die Burg”.

The fame of his father did not shape Malik Harris in his childhood, as he revealed to the AZ. “My dad had a talk show in the ’90s and I was born in 1997, so I didn’t really get it.” Today he is more recognized than father Ricky. “Now when we’re on the road together, people come to me more often.”

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What is known about Malik Harris’ mother and siblings?

The rest of Malik Harris’ family is not in the public eye. However, the singer posted a photo with his brother on Instagram and wrote: “Here is a picture of my brother (who doesn’t have Instagram for some reason ?) and I living our best life. The picture is of my mother , who is very proud that it turned out more or less spicy. Thanks mom.”

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ESC candidate Malik Harris: This is how he started his career

Malik Harris is a musical autodidact. He taught himself to play guitar and keyboards and tried his hand at cover songs by the age of 13. “I once had an hour of guitar lessons, but I just had to do it myself,” he said in a November 2020 interview with “nv“. “Through Youtube, covers and listening to what sounds and works, it later went to the piano and then the drums came along.”

With his first songs “Say the Name” and “Welcome to the Rumble”, Malik Harris landed hits on streaming platforms in 2018 and 2019 and was finally discovered and signed by the “Universal Music Group”. Among other things, he was on stage as an opener for well-known artists such as James Blunt or Alex Clare.

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“Rockstars”: Malik Harris wants to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 with this song

On March 4, 2022, Malik Harris celebrated his greatest success to date. He is allowed to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. The song “Rockstars” is about a carefree childhood, looking back at beautiful moments and reflecting on things we had in common. The love has now been clicked more than 200,000 times on YouTube.

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Of course, fans of Malik Harris hope that he will win the ESC 2022 with it. “You created a new catchy tune for me and I hope you win the ESC,” reads one comment. Whether he actually has a chance will be shown in Turin on May 14th.

Does Malik Harris actually have a girlfriend?

In an interview with AZ, Malik Harris clarified his relationship status: “I have a girlfriend who I’m very happy with.” He has not yet publicly presented the woman at his side. Perhaps she will accompany him to Turin.

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