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2022 will be remembered as one of the years with the largest number of publications within the independent scene. One of the groups that closed this great cycle has been Bad friendswho says goodbye this season presenting his second album, ‘No Aprendimos Nada’.

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The plate has eight songs, in which they express different experiences that its members have been accumulating over the last few years. Among the topics that are discussed, we can mention heartbreak, the phenomenon of the third eye or what was experienced during the pandemic.

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“Making this record was quite a challenge,” says Lonzo Miranda, the band’s guitarist. “I remember that we only had a week in Buenos Aires to record it. So, we prepare a lot to arrive and make the most of the time. Traveling to Argentina was quite an apprenticeship, we saw how the records are made there and the very high level of their musical proposals, something that undoubtedly influenced this project.”

Precisely, an important point to highlight about this album is that it has been recorded in the Argentine studio Romaphonic. As is known, this space has been witnessed by great artists such as Charly Garcia, Fito Páez and Luis Alberto Spinetta and recently, Knowing Russia. It is no coincidence because all of them are great influences for this Peruvian band.

Formed in 2018, Malos Amigos expresses classic genres such as British rock, funk and the great references of Latin American rock in their music. Their concerts are an opportunity to feel elements that make this band a solid proposal, such as the vocal harmonies, their chemistry and energy on stage.

This rapport has allowed them to participate in important festivals of the medium together with other great local bands. But this time looking to make a name for themselves, since they have planned to hold a concert to present their latest release: ‘No Aprendimos Nada’.

The appointment will be this January 12 at the mythical Cine Olaya, located in the Chorrillos district. For those interested, tickets are already available through yape and plin at this number: 989 077 928 at a price of 40 soles (pre-sale from December 26 to December 9) and 50 soles (general from December 9). December to January 12).