Maluma and Marc Anthony united in an equation that results in “The Formula”

In the heat of the stanza “there is no formula to forget your kisses, nor an equation that the result leads to that”, the artists Maluma and Marc Anthony sang love again, to the rhythm of salsa, in their new collaboration “La formula”, presented this Wednesday.

“It is a love song, but at the same time to lower your head, ask for forgiveness or return because there is love”, the Colombian artist of “Hawai” and “Cuatro babys” explained to EFE on the occasion of the launch of the new song.

It is a “mathematical” hymn dedicated to the broken hearts that live and cling to the hope of the return of an old love, despite the passage of time.

In addition, the artists evoke in their verses the pain of the memory of a handful of kisses and hugs during a cold winter in New York.

While the American of Puerto Rican origin repeats as a sort of mantra “in case you want to return, I’ll wait for you here,” the paisa intones a sharp reproach about the ease of the other party when it comes to getting a “replacement” in the form of “clown”.

The two of them are happy

“The formula” It comes after a previous collaboration in which the pop/urban song “Felices los 4” underwent a process of metamorphosis towards salsa by the two artists.

The complicity that, since then, has been forged between the two can be felt in the video clip of the new song in which you can glimpse what happens when they make music together “in the place where the magic is made”: the recording studio “The Hit Factory”. “in Miami, said the Colombian.

“We have an extraordinary friendship with Marc, whenever we see each other we want to make music, sing and dance,” added the Colombian Grammy nominee 2023 in the category of best urban album for “The Love & Sex Tape.”