Maluma from “My name is” showed his beautiful younger sister; she takes good care of her

Although he did not win the musical contest, the Maluma impersonator was one of the participants who most captivated Colombian viewers throughout the season and managed to reach the final, which he lost to Camilo Sesto.

Klismann Moncada, real name of the talented North American artist, was recently a guest on Bravíssimo (City TV), where he recounted some details of his professional and personal life.

The singer also took advantage of the informal dialogue to talk a little about his family nucleus and introduced his beautiful younger sister, Sharol Moncada, who is currently 21 years old.

However, the Colombian reggaeton impersonator pointed out that he is quite jealous and that he takes care of her too much. Also, he pointed out that he tries to keep an eye on her all the time.

“I love my little sister. She is beautiful, a mamacita, a princess. I am very jodon. I am that typical tired brother who [dice]: ‘Who is it, where are you going, wait a minute’”, specified in the television space.

The artist had already shown his mother, Beatriz Roso, a few weeks ago, since he was part of one of the last episodes of the successful Caracol Television program, which generated a lot of impact on social networks.

“It is a happiness, my children are my life and one day he left saying I am going to fulfill my dreams and it has been with a lot of effort and sacrifice. I support him in everything”Roso commented at the time.

Many viewers were surprised by the youth and beauty of the talented singer’s mother, who received hundreds of compliments on Instagram and Twitter.

Camilo Sesto handed out the award for My name is

In addition to taking first place, Camilo Sesto’s impersonator received 500 million pesos (without tax discounts) as a prize for being the big winner of the popular programwhich generated a lot of impact on the different social networks.

The participant, however, revealed that part of the money he received as the winner of this season of My name is He shared it with Maluma and Leonardo Favio, since before the semifinal took place they made an agreement so that no one left empty-handed.

“We have thought of an agreement, which I think is the fairest. We have a very solid friendship and we have reached an ideal, which is to distribute the prize in some percentages where we all feel satisfied, ”she initially stated.

Then, the Quindian added: “Money is also a tool to fulfill goals and dreams, so we have reached an agreement where we are all going to win. The agreement is contemplated between the three”.

Alejandro León, name of the Spanish singer’s imitator, finally left open the possibility of sharing the prize with other participants in the musical contest, especially with those who reached the final instances.

It should be remembered that the Quindian artist won two award galas and obtained 25 million pesos after prevailing in the dynamics: real and copy, where the contestants had to simulate as much as possible a video of their artist.