Maluma spent the hangover of December 25 with a good sancocho cooked in firewood

Many decided to have a few good drinks during the Christmas celebration and the singer Maluma was one of them.who took advantage of the fact that he had just launched his own brand of mezcal and with this liquor he toasted the birth of the Child Jesus, filling his glass on more occasions than he should have, which is why today, December 25, he had to take action on the matter, since his body needed help to recover energy and what better than a traditional sancocho made in firewood.

The singer took the pot to the outskirts of his house in Medellín to put it on a fire made from scratch and thus begin to heat the water where he put all the necessary ingredients for a good “levanta muertos” sancocho, such as potatoes, carrots, other vegetables. , corn on the cob and the inevitable, the protein, which in this case were several, because in the clip published by the June interpreter you can see chicken and beef.

Daddy, look, 25… To go through the guayabito, a lot of backlighting, a lot of things, a lot of partying yesterday, so go… Look… For those who don’t know, this is sancocho, the saint of cocochos… Look at my dam, what a son… level, right? That goes for vice… muscle, Merry Christmas! ”, Says the paisa in his clip, which has already been reposted by several Instagram accounts, such as the one from the La Red program.

In the images you can see the traditional soup with a very good color and very well loaded with meat and vegetables, which the paisa distributed among his family and friends, with whom he enjoyed the Christmas holidays in his hometown, Medellín. One of those who enjoyed the fireworks that took place in the singer’s house was his girlfriend, Susana Gómez, who was seen in the singer’s publication while they gave each other a romantic kiss.

“And in that old pot it is even richer. 🧡”, “Cilantro… Lemon and spicy!”“😮 It seems that the sancocho was made by Paola Jara 🤦🏻‍♂️”, “Uyy I miss my Colombia 😢 for these dates, joy is priceless”, “That’s Maluma, that’s how our country roots are👏”, “How delicious it is see that sancocho 🤤”, “Similar to Paola jara’s chicken 🤦🏻‍♀️😂”, “It’s very watery hahahaha”, are some of the comments that are read in the post of La Red.

Maluma’s tender tattoo

Maluma has had a very harmonious and successful 2022, in which he has reaped countless victories on a personal and professional levelwhich he has shared with his more than 62.8 million followers on his social networks, showing them the places he has met, the stages he has been on and even the gifts he has given himself, such as the last one he has just received, with a message very tender love towards one of the beings he loves the most in the world.

In a video where he shows the entire process, Maluma showed the new tattoo that was made on one of his legs, with the image of one of his dogs that represents the love he has for animals, since the paisa is one of the who most defends the lives of these beings, who are the perfect company for human beings.

in the clip, Maluma makes the respective introduction of why he decided to add a new tattoo on his skin and then the tattoo artist is seen doing the respective scan of the image that is going to be captured on the singer’s leg, who had to spend a couple of hours lying face down while they made the image.

Pain is a constant when it comes to getting a tattoo and Maluma is clear about it, which is why he did everything possible to be calm and breathe properly while the needles put the ink into his skin, although there were some grimaces that the paisa left. see in his clip, which already has more than 113 thousand likes and an infinity of comments in several languages.