Man in Factor X pointed out Carolina Gaitán as a dirty cat and they stopped him (video)

The appearance of Carolina Gaitán in this new edition of ‘Factor X’ has made the singer the center of multiple striking situations, such as when a participant threw the dogs at her in the middle of the audition.

However, and as is customary in the search for talent in this RCN Channel program, situations have arisen that the juries themselves have described as the strangest.

To that list, an uncomfortable moment was added during chapter 29 of the singing contest, this Saturday, in the middle of the auditions that took place in Bogotá.

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Jairo Miguel Peña was a contestant who appeared at an audition with a song of his own, which he called a mambo and with which he baffled the juries.

The truth is that in the middle of his interpretation, in the lyrics he referred to a “dirty cat” and pointed, both with his hand and with his eyes, to the singer Carolina Gaitán. For that reason, she Rossana asked him to stop immediately.

“Even the cat was fine, I didn’t like the dirty part so much,” said the Spanish artist, who told Gaitán: “He looked at you.” Although they took the situation in a humorous tone, they decided that the man would not continue in the test.

This was the audition in which a participant pointed to the program’s jury to refer to a “dirty cat”, at a time replicated by a user from his Twitter account.