Mandy Capristo on her panic attacks: “My body rebelled at some point”

Mandy Capristo (31) has been suffering from panic attacks since 2018 and has been in therapy since 2021. “I always wanted to protect my private life very much and built a wall around me as a result. There were then two versions of me: the private and the public Mandy,” said the former “Monrose” singer in a conversation with “Gala”.

In certain professional moments, things that she did on the job collided with her own attitude. “The two no longer fit together. That stressed me out more and more. At some point my body rebelled.”

Watch the video above to see why the singer’s boyfriend prefers to stay in the background.

Mandy Capristo: “It has absolutely nothing to do with weakness”

She continued: “My bigger problem was rather the panic attacks, which made me feel depressed and caused me an incredible sadness.” It was important to her that the topic of “therapy” was de-tabooed I had to learn to do that too.”

The singer, who was with footballer Mesut Özil (32) from 2013 to 2015, is certainly also supported by her boyfriend David. Only recently had she made her love for him official. According to media reports, Mandy has even moved in with him, the two are said to live in a country house in his native Italy.