Manelyk González will debut as an actress in the narcoseries: El Capo

CDMX.- manelyk gonzalez She is one of the few former members of the reality show Acapulco Shore qthat it has remained in force and has shown that it not only knows how to party; The proof is that after her participation in different television programs, she will launch herself as an actress.

As he shared on social networks, he will participate in the fourth season of the successful Colombian series The Capo on the platform ParamountPlus. confirms that your stay in Colombia it is for the recordings that are being carried out there by the hand of the TIS studios.

In the videos you can also see how he prepares for some of the action scenes, which began to be shot in 2022 with Marlon Moreno as protagonist.

For months, the model had been announcing that she had several important projects on the horizon, this being one of the most challenging in her career, since it is a completely facet that she has shown, so her fans have great expectations around her. stake.

In the images that he showed you can see his dressing room and in another earth chest pointing with a long weapon, but in addition to Mane and Marlon, El Capo 4 It will also feature the participation of Katherine Vélez, Natalia Jerez, María Adelaida Puerta, Oscar Borda, Keller Wortham, Gabriela de la Garza, Michael Ronda, Michelle Manterola, Fredy Yate and Jason Romo.

El Capo tells the story of Pedro Pablo León Jaramillo, a big boss of the drug mafia. He recounts how he rises from the humblest neighborhoods of Colombia to the black peaks of the criminal world.