Mansion in Miami would be Shakira’s next family refuge | People | Entertainment

The Colombian singer keeps a mansion valued at $20 million in Miami Beach, North Bay Road, one of the streets most coveted by celebrities. The preservation of the residence has drawn attention to the media, as this could be the new home that Shakira would move to with her children.

Built in 1951, the artist acquired the residence in 2001 for $3.3 million, after a year of starting her relationship with her ex-partner Antonio de la Rúa, and before her songs became a hit in English. Since the prosperity of her career, Shakira has made restructurings that give her personal touch and remind her of her Lebanese heritage.

The house would have gone through a series of sales attempts: in 2015 it entered the market with a price of $14 million, so that in 2018, the price was reduced to $11.6 million. Still, the sale was not closed. But now, the 6-bedroom, 8-bathroom house facing Biscayne Bay could be the Barranquillera’s new home.

Also in this exclusive neighborhood are the homes of Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Julio Iglesias and Matt Damon.

Currently, the interpreter maintains her residence in the family home in an exclusive area of ​​Barcelona while Piqué returned to his bachelor apartment where he lived before meeting Shakira.

Milan and Sasha possibly moving in with her

In addition to the division of their assets and wealth, in which Shakira’s assets ($300 million) triple that of the Spanish soccer player Piqué (approximately $80 million), there is the resolution of the children’s place of residence. But they don’t have much time left to decide; The school year in Spain ends on June 22 and it will have to be determined if Milan and Sasha will stay in the country where most of their family and friends are, or if they will restart their life in the neighborhood in South Florida. (YO)