Manuela Gómez says that she was the lover of her ex-partner, Juan Esteban Ibarra

A month ago Manuela Gómez turned to her social networks to affirm that her courtship with the horseman Juan Esteban Ibarra was still standing after the alleged rumors of their breakup. In addition, she took the opportunity to clarify that she “never” would talk about her private life, since in her opinion it was disappointing to see how things are handled on digital platforms.

“From now on, everything is going to be very private, because I never imagined that social networks were like this,” he said at the time.

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Now, the former “Protagonist of Our Tele” published several videos in her Instagram stories saying that she is single, and even gave details of what happened with Ibarra and the alleged death threat he received, clips that were rescued and published by the account @rastreandofamosos.

“I have realized many things that are very painful for me. I still feel in ‘shock’”began by telling the businesswoman when referring to the reasons that led her to end her relationship with the horse lover.

In her speech, the paisa assured that the man showed himself to be completely different from what he really is, causing moments of sadness.

“He is a very open-minded man who dared to do horrible things while in a relationship with me. I gave the best of me to someone who didn’t deserve it. All the time he had a mask hiding the person he really is, “he said.

And although he did not detail what his ex-partner really did, he did not hesitate to express his disappointment. “Between heaven and earth there is nothing hidden and the truth came to me by itself. I didn’t think he was capable of doing so many mean things. He is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Later, the “influencer” reported that she had been intimidated through a written message left at the door of her farm. “They stuck this note on me threatening to kill me and even threatening my dogs. If something happens to me, several people already know who is the suspect and the suspect. A toxic woman is capable of anything,” Gomez said.

Given this, Manuela’s ex-boyfriend did the same by resorting to his networks to pronounce and clarify that he has nothing to do with these threats.

Of course, Manuela Gómez did not remain silent and asserted that she never named someone, and that furthermore, Juan Esteban Ibarra went to her house in a somewhat aggressive attitude to confess that she had been his lover.

“I turned out to be the girl all this time because he let me know himself. He came to my farm with a loutish and rude behavior, and at one point he told me that I was never his wife and that he had always been the girl, “concluded the businesswoman.