Manuela González surprises without makeup and without filters. this is how it looks

Manuela González is one of the most talented actresses in our country. The woman has a long history in the world of acting and with each of the characters she has played, she has made it clear that she is very talented. Some of the telenovelas she has been in are: They call me Lolita, In Eva’s heels, The beautiful Ceci and the reckless, The Lord of Heaven, among other.

Likewise, the Colombian has stolen the hearts of thousands of people with her physical beauty and is also considered one of the most beautiful women in Colombia.. All the affection that people feel for her is reflected in her social networks, where she has more than a million followers.

Recently, Manuela González charmed more than one Internet user with a photo that she uploaded to her Instagram stories. There the woman showed her face naturally, without any type of filter, and shared an emotional message, stating that this is how she really is and that she loves herself that way.

“So, without filters. Without putting the ‘Paris’, alone with my own skin and even with a couple of ‘visitors’ that are not missing. May technology not distort our reality and its imperfections. All of us, despite the screens, are still flesh and blood. And you know what? It’s more beautiful that way,” the actress wrote.

The comments were immediate and some were: “Very pretty, we shouldn’t be ashamed when we get wrinkles, gravity can’t stop and we can’t be about to filter. Well, Manuela 🙌🙌❤️”, “But with that skin why PARIS ❤️”, “She is divine with a filter and without a filter ❤️”, “She looks pretty just the same 😍”, “She has beautiful ass skinaaaaa”, “Totally true, we cannot always be hiding who we are and drawing a world of lies and fantasy. More self-love and acceptance of who we are.”

Amparo Grisales revealed what are the cosmetic surgeries that have been done

Amparo Grisales, also known as the diva from Colombia, is one of the most recognized actresses and models in the world of entertainment for her extensive career on television. In addition, she is one of the most controversial public figures due to her personality that arouses love and hatred.

One detail for which she is often praised is her slender figure that, at 66, she still proudly shows off wearing tight dresses and even in very hot two-piece swimsuits that show off her toned abdomen and her spectacular curves.

Although for several years he has been the target of ridicule for his age, hundreds of Internet users agree when giving their opinion about his body, because despite the criticism and bad comments that his detractors usually make, it cannot be denied that he has managed to preserve his appearance very well. physical, which is why he constantly receives messages asking for his tips or beauty tips.

A few years ago, in an interview with I, Jose Gabrielassured that of all the aesthetic procedures that have been invented throughout her career, only one has been performed and it has nothing to do with her curves. “Only one, in the bust a long time ago when I saw that, with my exercise, by burning fat, what little I had disappeared.”

In addition, he stressed that he never wanted to draw attention to an exaggeratedly large chest. “You have to put on a little, not exaggerate, I don’t like to be vulgar, or voluptuous, or to take out and show the cleavage, just that it shows a little, not as they say that I increased myself and did other things, until now it has only been that,” he said.