MAPR 6: Frédérick faces an avalanche of criticism because of a publication, he makes a point

If Bruno and Alicia seem to have trouble not letting their complicity show through, nothing like it for Frédérick and Emilie, another flagship couple of Married at first sight. While the young woman suffers from an endless Covid, the groom showed himself having fun on the networks. Images that angered many Internet users to whom Fred responded.

Lightning struck Frédérick. For several days Emilie – the pretty brunette married in front of the cameras of the sixth season of Married at first sight – not well at all. First exhausted from a recent move the young woman ended up being a victim of Covid-19. And if for some recovering is a matter of a few days, this is not the case of the wealth manager who feels severe pain and who this weekend fears pulmonary embolism. Fever and pain are the appointment of those who must do many medical examinations while managing his granddaughter Lina also infected, like the mother of the candidate, while Emilie thought she had done everything right to save them. It is therefore nothing to say that morale this weekend was at low tide. A real heartbreak for the compassionate but helpless subscribers of the young mother. It is therefore with a hint of astonishment and annoyance that some have discovered that while Emilie was hitting rock bottom, Frédérick, invited to a wedding, was living his best life.

“Tell me how I should act”

Amber’s dad has thus published in Instagram story many pictures of his stay, where we see him having fun with his loved ones at the edge of a swimming pool. Enough to raise questions and judgments from Internet users who strongly criticized him in private messages. Enough to give Frédérick the desire to make a group response in public.

Little info, but very small: Don’t forget that when you have covid you have to stay isolated without being in contact with anyone and rest… For confidentiality reasons, I don’t even have the right to tell you if I’m with her or not.. ” he began referring to the one who became his wife in Gibraltar. “As far as I’m concerned… I will not take the risk of catching the Covid because I have a little girl even more fragile than everyone. Do I have to stop “live” in your eyes?! (…) stop working, cancel my planned projects, don’t go see Amber anymore (…) not publish anything more in my stories directly?!?!
Tell me, how should I act (as you do so well in private message)”
did he throw with irony before concluding “I put things into perspective a lot for 14 years… Life goes on. ”

A message that may have appeased some internet users but which did not satisfy many of them. ” If you are with her and you really love her you have to be by her side no matter what (…) but I think you are not together, otherwise you’d have the decency not to party while she’s droolingthus tackled a subscriber. The honeymoon between Frédérick and Internet users seems to be over.