Mara Patricia Castañeda marries for the second time at 56 and confirms, we must not lose faith in love

Mara Patricia Castañeda is getting married for the second time and confirms, we must not lose faith in love. At 56 years oldthe renowned entertainment journalist joined her life with Iván Martínez Urbina, a renowned Mexican businessman.

For many, Mara Patricia Castañeda has been an example to follow, as she is a highly professional and intelligent woman who, through hard work, has managed to position herself as the head of Televisa Showyes Professional success has not prevented him from enjoying love, although everything was not always hunky-dory.

In 2007, Maria Patricia Castaneda joined his life to that of Vicente Fernandez Jr. Although everything seemed to be going well between the couple, surprisingly in 2015, the journalist’s legal team announced their divorce and pointed out that neither she nor her ex-husband would comment on it.

The separation from Mara Patricia Castañeda It was full of rumours, but the true cause of the separation was never confirmed and she always maintained an excellent relationship with the Fernández family, something that stood out last December when Vicente Fernández passed away. Mara not only met her ex-husband but her entire family and she showed great maturity.

Two years after their divorce, Mara Patricia Castañeda revealed that her heart had a new owner and since then he had kept his relationship quiet, until now, when he reveals that he married again and that he couldn’t be happier. It was her husband Ivan Martinez Urbina who revealed the image of the big day.

Who is Iván Martínez Urbina, the husband of Mara Patricia Castañeda

With the message of “5 years of boyfriends, 2 commitments and a lifelong union from April 30, 2022”, Televisa Espectaculos confirmed the second marriage of Mara Patricia Castaneda and Ivan Martinez Urbinain addition to the image of the newlyweds.

Apparently it was a small ceremony where Mara Patricia CastañedaShe looked radiant in a non-traditional wedding dress, a pearl-colored two-piece suit and a bouquet of pink and ivory flowers, which also adorned her husband’s jacket.

Ivan Martinez Urbina is a prominent Mexican businessman and could not feel happier to unite his life with that of Maria Patricia Castaneda, with whom he claims he has many things in common. When talking about her courtship, the journalist herself highlighted:

“…I like it because it makes me laugh a lot, we share similar tastes; besides that he is an impeccable and honest man. I am a woman who is faithful, with principles and who does not like lies.

The couple’s engagement occurred in 2020 during a trip to Tulum and Mara Patricia herself revealed the details with great emotion. Now, they have sealed their love and their followers, family and friends celebrate this beautiful story.

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