Marbella to those who support abortion in Colombia

After the celebration of Mother’s Day in the country, social networks were filled with messages and compliments for these women. As expected, some well-known characters also shared words to pay tribute to the parents in their day. Nevertheless, the comments of the singer Marbelle were the center of attention.

With a short message, the interpreter of “tecnocarrilera” gave her opinion about Mother’s Day on her Twitter account, and as she has been doing, launched strong criticism for a sector of the population with which she would not agree. The singer said that she hoped that those people who agreed with abortion, did not have the “boldness” to congratulate their mothers on the special day.

“I imagine that those who applaud abortion will not have the nerve to say HAPPY DAY, MOM!”, These were the words of Marbelle, who, in the midst of criticism, also received the support of some others, who would be against the voluntary interruption of pregnancy.

“Abortion serves to prevent unwanted pregnancies and people like you”, and “Marbelle nobody applauds abortion. No woman aborts for pleasure and less because she believes that it is the contraceptive. There are very strong dramas behind a woman’s decision to interrupt a pregnancy “, These are some of the comments that users made to the singer’s words, stating that the interruption of pregnancy would go beyond the arguments that some of her detractors raise daily.

While the messages of support were few, in the publication there are those who agree with his thoughts and wish him a happy day. “Marbelle, thank you for being that example mother who raised her daughters with all the love in the world and taught them the truth about the value of life. You deserve the most beautiful blessings in the world. God bless you”, wrote a user.

It is worth emphasizing that since February of this year, the Constitutional Court decriminalized abortion in Colombia until the 24th week, that is, up to six months, making the country one of the nations in the world that allows a wider range of time for women to decide to undergo this procedure.

Until now, abortion in Colombia was only allowed under three grounds: when there is a physical and mental health risk for the woman, due to malformation of the fetus or in cases where the pregnancy is the result of rape. Now, with the decision made by the Constitutional Court with a vote of 5-4, women will be able to abort freely up to six months of gestation and after that time they will only be able to do so with the three causes in force until today in the country.

In this way, Colombia is above the majority of countries in the world in allowing abortion, this at a later stage of pregnancy. One of the countries that, along with us, is in the lead in terms of the time limit to decide on abortion is the United Kingdom, which allows it until the 24th week of pregnancy.

In a nearby legislation is Australia, with 22 weeks as a limit to undergo this procedure. Sweden, which was one of the first countries in the world to legalize abortion, set the limit at 18 weeks, where it is also a social benefit. Spain, for its part, allows free abortion up to 14 weeks of gestation and up to 22 if there is a risk to the life or health of the mother, or anomalies in the fetus.