Marbelle and his ‘madrazo’ front against actors who support Petro

There is less and less to go before the presidential elections are held and the new head of state is known. This will be in charge of leading the country after the ravages left by the new coronavirus pandemic and the strong polarization that exists in almost the entire national territory.

Faced with this panorama, some of the most visible actors and actresses in the country announced this week through the different social networks that they will officially and actively join the electoral campaign of Gustavo Petro, presidential candidate of the Historical Pact.

“Colombians deserve equal opportunities and a policy that bets on life, That is why the change must be with EVERYONE and for EVERYONE. I believe in the Pact and I am confident that we can change the present of this country”, pointed out Carolina Ramírez, remembered for her role as Yeimy Montoya in the queen of flow.

After this announcement, the popular music singer did not remain silent and took advantage of the comment of an Internet user to launch several taunts at these Colombian artists, whom she described as “hypocrites”.

“The video of the actors supporting the left in a luxurious apartment, [con] imported wine and other comforts are only seen in capitalist countries”, the user wrote, to which Marbelle replied: “So they are!”

The Valle del Cauca, in the same way, shared a recording on her personal Twitter account in which some of the lies with which this group of actors justifies their support for the leader of Human Colombia are supposedly shown.

Despite the fact that they have shared various events and meetings with many, the so-called ‘queen of the technorail’ has never hidden her closeness to the positions of the Colombian right. She pointed out that these types of artists only seek to appear to be intellectuals, in order to believe they are superior to those who think differently from them.

(Sic) “Let’s bring a cameraman friend. We talk shit like when we act and pretend we’re not being recorded. This is how the SOPENCOS are, they will believe us that we are super intellectuals”accurate.

Fabio Rubiano, Julián Román, Carolina Ramírez, Adriana Romero, Carmenza Gómez, Marcela Valencia, Carlos Duque and Margarita Rosa de Francisco are some of the Colombian actors who recently joined the electoral campaign of the Historical Pact.

It should be remembered that the Valle del Cauca artist has been a trend on various social networks repeatedly in recent weeks due to her constant attacks against Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez.

Marbelle, who has been quite aware of the national situation, recently hinted that he would leave Colombia if Gustavo Petro wins the presidential elections, which will be held on May 29.

Given the controversy that was generated around the issue, the popular music singer reappeared this Friday, May 6, on her personal Twitter account and assured that she has not planned to leave the country so far.

“Good morning to all! Less for the petrista assholes who think I’m going to run away because of an ojibrotado bastard [Petro]. Not for them.” initially indicated the so-called ‘queen of the technorail’.

Then Marbelle added: “I’m leaving, but on vacation to recharge my madrazos for king kong [Francia Márquez] and the poop. The one who has to leave our country is that bastard mythomaniac Gustavo Petro”.

The singer finally pointed out that her supposed departure from Colombia is pure gossip, despite the fact that she has published it on different social networks repeatedly.