Marbelle shares a year-end ritual to activate the energy of money

Many people often resort to rituals to receive the new year with the purpose of achieving good things in the next 12 months, such as: travel, health, new loves, marriage, good economy and more.

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In colombia, Families usually put many omens into practice with the certainty that they will have a better year, so eating 12 grapes, wearing yellow underwear, running with a suitcase down the street, and more, is already typical.

In fact, celebrities do it too, as is the case with the mentors of ‘La descarga’who did not hesitate to share what they traditionally do when the 12 bells ring.

Marbelle and her colleagues from ‘La descarga’ reveal their end-of-year rituals

Santiago Cruz commented that he never forgets to eat the 12 grapes at midnight, in addition to having lentils and going around the block with his suitcase, something that, according to him, activates the energy of travel. “The lentils, for abundance, was an inheritance that my mother-in-law left us,” assured the singer.

For her part, Maía explained that it is very important for her and her family to celebrate special dates such as her birthday, Christmas and New Year, singing. “If he takes us in a concert at 12 at night, it seems to me a very good omen, it fills me with happiness,” he said.

Gusi likes to make a list with 12 wisheseat the 12 grapes, walk the street with a suitcase and dance.

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By last, Marbelle took the opportunity to recommend one of her rituals to her followers. The queen of the technocarrilera indicated that for her she cannot miss wearing yellow underwear for good luck and running around the block with her suitcase. But, in addition, she also spoke of the effect of lentils.

“There is one that is infallible. Please buy lentils and fill your pockets with them. Fill your wallet and everything you can, and you’ll see. Believe me, you won’t need to talk,” said the artist.