Marbelle was speechless because Maía took the participant away

In a new round in which Santiago Cruz, Maía, Gusi and Marbelle had to be quick to select the members of their teams, It was the turn of Sebastián Molina, who participated in ‘My name is’ 2020 imitating the interpreter of the famous song ‘Lady of the four decades’.

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The man, originally from Argentina, completely fell in love with the mentors in his first presentation, and even flirted with Marbelle, who ended up giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Daddy, you are very handsome. You have a very nice demeanor to be on stage, ”the queen of the technocarrilera expressed with emotion.

Since then, she and her colleague ‘declared war’ on getting Molina onto their teams.

Before going on stage to offer his second performance in ‘La descarga’, Sebastián Molina indicated that he wanted to work with Santiago Cruz, since one of his main objectives in said program is to learn to compose, exploit this gift and unite it with his voice.

For her part, Marbelle made it clear that Arjona’s double was already destined to stay with her. “That agreement is already signed with a kiss, so if you intend to make it part of your teams, know that it already has an owner,” she asserted.

However, things did not turn out as the interpreter of ‘Addicted to pain’ expected, since, precisely, Maía was faster than her when she touched the button.

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“What happiness, I don’t understand why you’re nervous if you’re already on the other side. That is why we are here, to calm those nerves and manage them, I know that we are going to do incredible things because there is a very big challenge and it is to put Ricardo aside and appear as you really are, “said the singer Barranquillera.

In the meantime, Marbelle just kept quiet, obviously upset at losing the opportunity to work with Molina.

Finally, Santiago Cruz told him: “You are a fantastic artist, you have incredible resources and I know that you will achieve everything you set your mind to.”