Marbelle’s funny response to a follower who insulted her on social networks

The popular and ranchera music singer Marbelle has used, in recent months, her social networks to publicize positions and personal points of view in relation to Colombian politics.

This is how, one of the platforms on which she is most active is Twitter, where she accumulates more than 400 thousand followers. Given that next Sunday, May 29, are the presidential elections, the 42-year-old woman has attacked several politicians and one of those who has criticized the most is the senator and candidate for the Historical Pact, Gustavo Petro.

Although it is true that in Colombia the right to free expression is enshrined in the Political Constitution, not all of Marbella’s publications are always seen in the best way. Thus, The artist has had to battle with hundreds of accusations, accusations and verbal attacks by some netizens.

Generally, the woman rejects some comments from the haters, but to others it gives an answer. Indeed, this Sunday the user @rano_elma tagged the singer in a tweet in which she told him: “Eat shit.”

Marbelle has been on the radar not only in entertainment, but also in politics. For some users of social networks, her words are not the most accurate. However, this time, the vallecaucana did not respond with any type of offense; on the contrary, he preferred to write some words that turned out to be funny for many.

Without any problem the singer of addicted to pain She replied: “I can’t, I’m taking an antibiotic,” she specified to the user who insulted her.

As expected, several followers did not hesitate to comment on Marbelle’s response. For example, one of them wrote “to seek dignity in Narnia”, another “excellent answer, you are the best”, and lastly, “very good, against vulgarity, ingenuity”.

Apart from Gustavo Petro, one of the people Marbelle has criticized has been Francia Márquez. Among the different comments she made, last Thursday, April 7, the so-called ‘queen of the technorail’ spoke about a statement made by Márquez in which she criticized the president of the Senate, Juan Diego Gómez, who said that the candidate was backed by the ELN and the FARC dissidents.

“What really bothers the President of the Republic is that today a woman who could be the one he has at home working as a service employee is going to be his vice president,” said Márquez, who made a mistake by mentioning the president of the Republic, when his criticism was directed at the president of Congress.

Faced with Márquez’s phrase, Marbelle replied: “Let’s see, prepare some parakeet eggs and I believe you.”

A day before, Marbella took advantage of a video shared on social networks in which it is seen when a dog bites Francia Márquez to make fun of her.

In the images you can see how the candidate for the Vice Presidency gets up from her chair to greet Teresita Gómez, a Colombian pianist, while a small dog is lying in front of the two; However, when Márquez hugs the artist who is presiding over the event, the animal rises and attacks the political leader.

Marbelle quoted the video on her Twitter account and wrote “ancestral bite” accompanied by an emoticon that reflects tranquility, referring to the word that Márquez frequently uses in his speeches, but that the singer began to use against him when the vice-presidential formula wished him the common “ancestral hug”.