Marc Anthony falls and cancels concert in Panama

Marc Anthony did not show up on stage Wednesday night for his scheduled tour concert “Here I go” in Panama after suffered an accident shortly before at the hotel where he was staying, informed the organizing company of the event.

The president of the Panamanian show production company Magic Dreams, David Candanedo, told the local press on Thursday that the 53-year-old musical star suffered a fall on the hotel stairs that caused a back injury and forced him to Panamanian doctors attended.

“Today (Thursday) we were informed that he is under significant pain and will be transferred to his city of residence, which is Miami, to be evaluated by other specialists,” said Candanedo.

Marc Anthony’s publicist confirmed the information to The Associated Press, but had no further details at this time.

The organizers in Panama announced shortly before midnight over the loudspeakers that the artist could not appear due to the mishap. The show, which had been canceled in February due to a rebound in coronavirus infections in the Central American country, gathered several thousand people at the Rommel Fernández soccer stadium.

Candanedo also asked those who purchased tickets to save them for a later rescheduling of the concert.

The popular artists of typical Panamanian music, the brothers Samy and Sandra Sandoval, and the Puerto Rican salsero Jerry Rivera performed in the prelude to the show.