Marc Anthony reappears after accident in Panama

MIAMI, UNITED STATES.- The alarms went off this Thursday after the cancellation of the concert of Mark Anthony In Panama.

The cause fell on an accident that the interpreter starred in when trying to climb the stairs of the stage.

The blow caused the singer to decide not to appear at the show, so when he received medical attention in the Central American country, he was transferred to the city of Miami in an emergency.

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Preliminarily it was known that Anthony suffered injuries to his back.

It was in the last hours that the Puerto Rican went out on his social networks and provided details of what happened and how he feels.

“I’m getting better, I can’t say I’m better, but it is what it is. I am a human being, I hurt my back and I hope you wish me the best, ”she said in a heartfelt message.

In addition, he revealed that he is affected by not being able to perform the show that his followers expected so much. “I’m not a cancel man, I don’t have a history of it, I don’t have a reputation for it,” he stressed.

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Marc did his best until the last moment, but the pain in his back was unbearable.

“I couldn’t. I went to the concert, why fly there and then not do it? In fact, I was very excited, ”he said for those who doubted.

For now, the 53-year-old artist is in total rest, under medical supervision and anxious to fulfill his concert in Panama.

“I will return soon to fulfill my promise,” he told his audience.

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Finally, he stated that the message was addressed to those who really cared about his health.

“For those who cared about me, God bless you for wishing me the best,” he said.

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