Marc Lavoine: discover the physical evolution of the 60-year-old singer

At 60, Marc Lavoine returned to the limelight in 2022 with his album Adult never. But singer and actor has never really experienced a period of media disenchantment since the beginning of his career in the 1980s. In five decades, the artist will not have known any real stylistic eccentricities, but will have managed to retain its charm, patinated by the years.

The budding career of Marc Lavoine exploded in 1985 with the release of his eponymous debut album, A Disc Worn by a song that has become as cult as its clip: She has piercing eyes. His second self-titled album, released in 2001, will be remembered for his duets with Claire Keim (I only want her), Cristina Marocco (I have forgotten everything) and Francoise Hardy (Dear friend). Also an actor, he distinguished himself in particular in 1994 in Hell of Claude Chabrol and in the trilogy of Marc Esposito The Heart of Menwhose sections were released in 2003, 2007 and 2013.

Marc Lavoine: discover his physical evolution


Marc Lavoine: discover his physical evolution

The love story of Marc Lavoine with a man

On the heart side, Marc Lavoine will have had three wives. In the 1980s, he was for ten the husband of American model Denise Pascalewho died in 2017. The couple will have a son together, Simon Lavoineborn in 1986. The singer and actor married in 1995 interior designer Sarah Poniatowski. They will have three children together: Yasmine (born in 1998), Novel (born in 2007) and Milo (born in 2010). From 2020 to 2022, Marc Lavoine is the husband of the novelist Line Papin;

In 1986, Marc Lavoine caused a stir with his participation in the show Mireille Dumas Sexy Follies. The singer confides in it openly about his sex life, and also talks about his love affair with a man. “In my life, I met a guy who was my age and who meant as much to me as the woman I live with today. It was a love story”explains Marc Lavoine, nodding when Mireille Dumas asks him if they made love together.

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