Marc Terenzi & Verena Kerth: He makes a declaration of love to his girlfriend

A few months ago, singer Marc Terenzi (44) and moderator Verena Kerth (41) made their love public. The two were good friends for 22 years before it sparked. Since then, they have always shown themselves very much in love on their social media accounts. Just like now. Just a few days before Verena goes to Australia, Marc makes her a sweet declaration of love on Instagram. In the photo, the couple pose casually, almost rock styled – both look a bit like Bonnie and Clyde.

“It does not matter where you travel … home is where your other half is.” (Eng.: “It doesn’t matter where you travel… your home is where your better half is.”) Terenzi writes under the joint photo. With the words “Ahhhhhhhh Marc Terenzi has another romantic moment” the 41-year-old comments on her lover’s contribution. Fans and followers also leave nice words under the photo. Verena can also use this very well.

Verena Kerth: “I also feel like taking a little break from Terenzi”

Because the ex-girlfriend of the former soccer keeper Oliver Kahn (53) moves to the famous jungle camp on January 13, 2023. She already shows humor, as it turned out in the “Bild” interview. When asked why Verena chose the TV format now, even though she has often resisted it in the past, the 41-year-old replies: “I looked at the current ancillary heating costs and then the decision was clear. ”

And when asked whether she would rather be a jungle queen or a goat queen, the presenter also has a clear answer ready: “Zicken-Queen!” Her loved one, on the other hand, firmly believes in her and thinks: “She will be incredibly good in the format.”

Already on January 2nd, 2023 Verena is going to Australia. Of course, Marc Terenzi is also in the luggage, who will support you from there. But even if the two are head over heels in love with each other, the moderator is looking forward to the time without the musician. “I also feel like taking a little break from Terenzi. He lives with me now and that’s good for the relationship,” Kerth jokes to “RTL”.