Marcela Santamaría reveals details of her wedding dress

The former TV host shared the name of the fashion firm that has made her trousseau, which she will wear in the romantic Italian province of Ravello. The designer has already dressed Serena Williams, Ana Bárbara, Ninel Conde, among others.

The countdown has begun for the former Salvadoran beauty queen and presenter Marcela Santamaria. Your wedding is the big event that is just a few days away from taking place after a long mandatory wait due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Although she is one of the country’s public figures who keeps her private life very secretive, this girl has wanted to share various details of her marriage for several months, and now she surprised by revealing a detail of her wedding dress.

Santamaría, known for being a fashion lover, participating in international parades and having represented the country in beauty contests, could not let go, on one of the most important days of her life, looking stunning and perfect. In this way, the model chose the brand Glaudi Bridal to create a dream dress.

Johana Gladys Hernández, the Salvadoran designer who created Santamaría’s dress. Illustrative and non-commercial image

According to CBS News, this exclusive line for brides was founded by designer Johana Hernández, a Salvadoran migrant who grew up watching her parents work in a clothing factory in the US. She decided to create her own company in the heart of Beverly Hills. and her wonderful designs have come to Paris Fashion Week and dressed several celebrities, including Ninel Conde, Serena Williams, Ana Bárbara, Bárbara de Regil, among others.

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It was in her Instagram stories where Santamaría, accompanied by a group of close friends, showed in various clips the latest tests she is doing for her trousseau; But, of course, she left her more than 95,000 followers with great expectation because, obviously, she would not reveal the details of it, thus adhering to the myths surrounding her wedding dress.

The former TV presenter prepares the last details of her nuptial link. Illustrative and non-commercial video // // https://www.instagram .com/stories/marcesantamaria/2832599462850328436/

The brand’s trends, focused on mermaid, lace or princess cuts, give an idea of ​​the style that the also announcer could opt for. However, it is known that Santamaría will get married in an Italian province during the summer; in this context she could wear a dress less vaporous and perhaps more romantic.

Santamaría has already worn wedding dresses for the parades in which she has participated. In the picture, during her stay at Paris fashion week. Photo: illustrative and non-commercial image

Santamaría will say “yes, I accept” on May 21, after more than two years of postponing this religious commitment due to border closures and biosecurity measures imposed by the pandemic.